Having worked in the voice overs industry for many years, I have worked with some fabulous clientele. Here are some just to name a few...

Voice overs

TV, Radio, Advertising & Multimedia work

voice oversMost of my voice over work comprises of TV commercials, Radio Advertising, Corporate, Educational and Multi-Media.

I started doing Voiceovers back in the mists of time when the Walt Disney Corporation asked me to read some of their ‘Storyteller’ recordings. A few turned into a flood, I’m happy to say, everything from Snow White and 101 Dalmatians to Born Free.

Then fast forward to the mid nineties when the Voiceover world grabbed me by the throat again. Now the work is more varied, Channel perfume one minute - Haemorrhoid cream the next.

A sense of humour is essential!


Studio Equipment

Prima 110 Codec ISDN facility

AKG and Rode microphones

Facilities for recording MP3 Files– WAV Files – or CD

Promotion boxes Biography Recordings