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All The Right Notes Album CoverAll The Right Notes

I was privileged to work with many wonderful musicians during my singing years, and these are some archive recordings of just a few legendary names, which date from the early 70’s through to the mid 90’s. Taken from different eras, and different studios, their sound quality may vary.

01 - You Turned The Tables On Me   With the Eddie Thompson Trio
02 - All Too Soon  |  With the Eddie Thompson Trio
03 - I'll Remember April  |  With the Eddie Thompson Trio
04 - Nice 'n Easy  |  With the Eddie Thompson Trio
05 - How Soon  |  With Richard Holmes (Piano)
06 - I'll Get By  |  With the Ralph Dollimore Trio
07 - Willow Weep For Me  |  With the Ralph Dollimore Trio
08 - Them There Eyes  |  With the Ralph Dollimore Trio
09 - Oh Babe What Would You Say   With the Don Lusher Quartet
10 - When I Look In Your Eyes   With John Horler (Elec Piano)
11 - The Man I Love  |  With John Horler (Elec Piano)
12 - Don't Be Lazy  |  With the Brian Dee Trio
13 - Like Someone In Love  |  With the John Horler Trio
14 - I've Grown Accustomed To His Face   With the John Horler Trio
15 - Alone Together  |  With the John Horler Trio

River Deep, mountain high, album artwork River Deep, Mountain High

All these tracks were recorded during the mid seventies and eighties, but only River Deep, Mountain High was released in the UK.  The musical arrangements are both beautiful and sensitive, and I hope you agree that after all these years they deserve to be aired.
Total playing time: 54mins.

01 - River Deep Mountain High. (Pt.1 & 2)
02 - Part Time Love
03 - Sweet Imagination
04 - I Wanna Hold Your Hand
05 - Let Him Sing His Song
06 - Sleep My Little One
07 - Till There Was You
08 - Nowhere Man
09 - Sweet Alibis  
10 - Weak In The Knees
11 - He's Out Of My Life
12 - The Dog The Cat The Children and Me
13 - You're Interesting
14 - Sweet Imagination. (1st take)

Bewitched album artwork Bewitched by Rodgers and Hart

Recorded at Red Gables Studio London - 29-30 July and 5 August 2002
Engineered by Dick Hammett. Produced by Lois Lane and John Horler.
Total playing time: 1 hour 3mins and 14 seconds.

01 - Bewitched
02 - Isn't It Romantic
03 - I Didn't Know What Time It Was
04 - Spring Is Here
05 - You Are Too Beautiful
06 - Everything I've Got 
07 - Glad To Be Unhappy
08 - My Romance
09 - Sing For Your supper
10 - It Never Entered My Mind
11 - With A Song In My Heart
12 - My Funny Valentine
13 - Little Girl Blue

Bewitched album artworkSensual Songs

Recorded with The Netherlands Metropole Orchestra. Conductors Roger van Otterloo and Dolf van der Linden. Produced by Jan van Riemsdijk, Steve Allen and Robin Sedgley.
Total playing time: 55 minutes.
I made many visits to the Netherlands during the 70's and 80's to sing with this wonderful orchestra.
It was always an extremely enjoyable experience both musically and socially. I was given the opportunity to work with superb musical arrangers like Neil Richardson, Barry Forgie, Alan Downy, Les Williams and many many more.

01 - Sophisticated Lady
02 - New York City Blues
03 - I'll Remember April
04 - But Beautiful
05 - Soon It's Gonna Rain
06 - Body And Soul
07 - Unforgettable
08 - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
09 - The Very Thought Of You
10 - My Old Flame
11 - I'll Only Miss Him When I Think Of Him
12 - To Make You Smile Again
13 - My Silent Love
14 - As Long As I Live

Bewitched album artworkFolk and all that Jazz

Recorded for Redrock Records - London - 1996.
Produced by Mike Redway and Lois Lane.
Total playing time: 35 minutes and 29 seconds.
Almost all these songs go back to my teenage days, playing guitar at the 'Tatty Bogle' club in London's Soho, where jazz player and folk singer made music together.
My thanks to Steve Benbow and Mick Lauder for introducing me to these fascinating songs.
Also my thanks to Mike Redway for his help and enthusiasm in bringing this album together so beautifully - to Andy Mackintosh for some electrifying alto and flute work - and John Hamilton for his sensitive and fluent guitar playing.

01 - The Riddle Song
02 - The Banks Of Ohio
03 - Barbara Allen
04 - East Virginia
05 - I Know Where I'm Going
06 - Young Bungle Rye
07 - Lady Mary
08 - Venezuela
09 - The Bailiff's Daughter
10 - Shady Grove
11 - All The Pretty Little Horses
12 - The house of the rising sun

Bewitched album artworkThe look of love

Produced by Alan Dell  -  Musical Arrangements and Direction by Johnny Arthey.
Remastered with additional tracks by SomeCats Records
Total playing time: 52 minutes and 34 seconds.

01 - The Look Of Love
02 - Call Me Darling
03 - Brontosaurus Named Bert
04 - Shiny Stockings
05 - But Beautiful
06 - The 59th Street Bridge Song
07 - When Love Disappears
08 - I'll Remember April
09 - Once Upon A Time
10 - His Face
11 - Sunny
12 - Shooby Dooin'
13 - Winds Of Heaven
14 - Lazy Summer Day
15 - Punky's Dilemma
16 - Lovin' Time
17 - Far From The Madding Crowd
18 - Windmills Of Your Mind
19 - A Putting My Baby To Sleep
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